Work’s done: site updated !

Yes ! Great news, I finally did it ! I’ve re-organised the structure of this site and also jumped on the opportunity to make some small graphical changes here and there. Want to know what’s new ? Just follow the guide… Oh, and by the way, yes I really like old ads and propaganda posters !

It’s already been a few months since I was thinking about modifying the site’s structure. With time, its content grew bigger and I think it really needed some adjustments. So here are the changes:


I’ve simplified the portfolio section. I’ve kept the main categories of it, but these are now pages with some selected works of each categories. I did this since a few persons told me it was becoming hard to get a quick look at my best pictures without having to look at all the sets of pictures of every place I’ve explored.


I’ve added a blog section in which you will find all the news, exhibitions and tutorial section, but this also where you’ll find all the complete sets of pictures of my urban explorations. There’s a menu in which you can navigate through the different sections of the blog, but for those only interested in pictures and reports of explorations, I’ve added a menu ‘galleries‘, sorted by categories, where you’ll be able to quickly find a selected gallery.

That’s about it for the structure of the site. Beside that, as I said, I’ve taken this opportunity to make some design changes on the site.

If you encounter any problems while on the site or if you’ve got some comments to make about this new version, just let me know via the form on the contact page.

And for those who want to stay updated with me don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter !

Have a great time on my site !


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