Urbex – Paternoster Farm

Abandoned farm somewhere in Belgium. This is a very little farm that probably once stood in the middle of the countryside but that is now on the middle of a street surrounded by freshly built modern houses. At first sight, one can doubt of the interest of the place, but once you’re inside it you can’t help but be amazed by this little hidden gem.

It was a very interesting exploration, mostly because there are a lot of things remaining and that there’s absolutely no traces of vandalism. This is unfortunately rarer these times, mostly because there’s a kind of hype around urbex these times… Anyway, back to our little farm. So, as I said, it was very little, with only a few rooms in it. Rumours I’ve heard about it is that there lived a brother and a sister, but these are only rumours that I can’t confirm. I guess they grew old and either died or had to leave for a nursing home, which is kind of a typical story, at least one that I’ve already heard many times. By looking at all the remaining things of the inoccupants past lives, I guess they had to be very faithful as there were crosses and religious signs about everywhere in the house. This is probably the reason why the place’s been nicknamed paternoster farm by the urban exploration community