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Latest news

Urbex - Moulin A

Urbex – Moulin A

Abandoned mill somewhere in Belgium. This mill has been built in the first quarter of the 20th century and seems to have been left abandoned for some years already. It is a huge building. A big part of the building is empty, probably the part where the flour was stored. But there were still a lot of things to see !

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Ecaussines Cité des arts

Exhibition: Ecaussines, Cité d’arts

On the 27th and 28th september 2014, the city of Ecaussines will be holding the 19th edition of its artists’s route: Ecaussines, Cité d’arts. I’ll be part of it and will show some of my urban exploration works on this occasion.

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Urbex - Vulcan's Fire

Urbex – Vulcan’s Fire

Abandoned steel factory somewhere in Belgium. For this exploration, I had the chance to get the authorisation to visit and take pictures of this wonderful place before they demolish the place. I’m really thankful for this as urbexers have seldom this chance. And this was a fantastic exploration !

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