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Latest news

Urbex - Fort de la Chartreuse

Urbex – Fort de la Chartreuse: Gallery update

I’ve updated the gallery of the Fort de la Chartreuse, as I went back to this old abandoned fort to show it to a friend of mine. It had already been a few years since my first visit there, and there were not much changes there, it’s just slowly decaying more and more…

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Urbex - Moulin Bols

Urbex – Moulin Bols

Abandoned water mill somewhere in Belgium. This was a very short exploration this time, as this mill is very little: it only has a few rooms which are all empty except for the machinery. As far as I know, this mill has been built around 1750, a place that must have seen a lot of changes ! It is not yet in a too bad condition of decay, but if nobody tries to renovate it quickly, it won’t last long before it collapses on itself…

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Urbex - Villa SC

Urbex – Villa SC

Abandoned Villa somewhere in Belgium. Iknow nothing about this house’s story, but it was not a little place to explore and it probably must have been a luxury place in the past. Unfortunately, it’s now slowly decaying with the help of time and vandals.

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