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Urbex - Le Dentiste

Urbex – Le Dentiste

Abandoned house of a dentist somewhere in Belgium. Most people don’t like to see the dentist, and I have to admit that it’s also my case, but this time I went there quite happy and curious, the reason was that I was going to explore an old decaying dentist’s house.
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Urbex - Zeche PS

Urbex – Zeche PS

Abandoned coal mine somewhere in France. I have to admit that I really have something for the mining industry. I don’t really know why, maybe because it’s been a big part of my country’s history, maybe because of the very hard work it represents, and also maybe because it is the symbol of social struggles and the fight of the people for their rights…
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Urbex - Electric Works 550

Urbex – Electric Works 550

Abandoned electric powerstation of a steel factory somewhere in France. Part of this steel factory is still in use while another part of it remains abandoned. I only had the opportunity to explore the old abandoned electric powerstation and a bit of the steel factory
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