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Latest news

Urbex - Château de Sarolea

Urbex – Château de Saroléa

Abandoned castle somewhere in Belgium. This castle has been built in 1643 and was occupied by the Saroléa family, an old noble family. They began a coal mining activity during the 19th century. They were the founders of the nearby charbonnage du Hasard. In 1905, The castle was included as a property of the coal mine, and hosted different functions: director’s office, medical function,…

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Urbex - Charbonnage du Hasard

Gallery update: Charbonnage du Hasard

I went back to this famous urbex place, the Charbonnage du Hasard, to show the place to a friend of mine. I couldn’t resist to take pictures once again of this wonderful abandoned coal mine. It was probably the last time that I get since there are (finally) plans to renovate the place. From what I’ve been told, they’ll make lofts in the building of the mine. Not sure if that’s a good idea, though…

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Urbex - Maison Clerckx

Urbex – Maison Clerckx

Abandoned house somewhere in Belgium. This wonderful house has been built around 1769 and is located in the woods. There are many legends about the first owner of this house, Mr Clerckx. It seems that during the 18th century, a band of outlaws was terrorizing the people in the neighbourhood. Mr Clerckx decided to get rid of these guys, and killed them one by one. Most of them were hung, but some dark stories say that he locked some of them in the basement of the house and let them starve to death…

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