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Urbex - Cafe Mousel 20

Urbex – Café Mousel

Abandoned bistro somewhere in Luxembourg. I know nothing about this beautiful little bistro. I don’t know when or why it’s been left abandoned, but I knew that there was something very interesting in it: a small bowling alley !
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Urbex - Paperfabriek II

Urbex – Paperfabriek II

abandoned powerplant in Germany. I really enjoyed this exploration ! This little powerplant has been very well preserved from vandals and thieves, probably thanks to its remote location. A little jewel that’s slowly decaying and fading out of memory
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Urbex - Maison Rouf Rouf

Urbex – Maison Rouf Rouf

Abandoned house somewhere in Belgium. Maison Rouf rouf, what a name ! I don’t know why it’s been nicknamed like that, but I guess that’s because of all the things left in this house that makes you feel like the owner of the place just left in hurry. Even the christmas tree is still standing in the living room of this decaying house.
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