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Urbex - Moulin W

Urbex – Moulin W

Abandoned mill somewhere in Belgium. I don’t know for how long this one’s been left abandoned, but looking at its condition, it seems like it’s already been a lot of years. There wasn’t much to see there, but there was a nice little surprise in it: an old car covered with dust

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Urbex - Heavy Metal

Urbex – Heavy Metal

Abandoned steel factory somewhere in Belgium. As always with the heavy industry, this site is very huge and impressive. One can really feel small wandering among the gigantic rusting machinery.

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Photography tutorial

Photography tutorial: understanding exposure

A lot of people seem to struggle with the concept of exposure in photography. What is this about and what are the different ways to control it ? That’s what I’ll be covering in this photography tutorial. So, if you’ve got some problems with the notion of exposure, read on !

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