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Latest news

Urbex - Château de Mesen

Urbex – Château de Mesen

Abandoned castle somewhere in Belgium. This castle must have been truly a beauty in its time, but it’s actually in a really bad condition. In fact it’s in such an advanced state of decay that the upper floors are not accessible. This is the reason why, I haven’t done much picture of this place…

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Urbex - EBTN

Gallery update: EBTN

Abandoned military airfield in somewhere in Belgium. A few months ago, I went back to this abandoned airfield for a second visit as the first one had been quite short, and I just noticed that I hadn’t updated the gallery yet with the new pictures. Now it’s done !

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Urbex - Villa Heil

Urbex – Villa Heil

Abandoned house somewhere in Belgium. This villa is located in a big garden which seems to be still maintained. From the outside, the villa looks like it’s in a good condition, but when you’re in, you can see the humidity slowly rotting the house. Looking at the damage and the mushrooms on the walls, I’m afraid the house is condemned…

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