• Exhibition Opsis Gallery

    Urban exploration exhibition at the Opsis art gallery

    6th june to 4th july 2014 at the Opsis art gallery in Wavre.

  • urbex-education

    Gallery: Urbex - Education

    Urban exploration of schools and other educational places.

  • Urbex - Healthcare

    Gallery: Urbex - Healthcare

    Urban exploration of hospitals and healthcare institutions.

  • Urbex - Industrial

    Gallery: Urbex - Industrial

    Urban exploration of industrial places.

  • Urbex - Leisure

    Gallery: Urbex - Leisure

    Urban exploration of leisure places such as restaurants, swimming pools, theatre,...

  • Urbex - Military

    Gallery: Urbex - Military/Penitential

    Urban exploration of military and penitential places.

  • Urbex - Religious

    Gallery: Urbex - Religious

    Urban exploration of religious places.

  • Urbex - Residential

    Gallery: Urbex - Residential

    Urban exploration of residential places.

  • Urbex - Transport

    Gallery: Urbex - Transport

    Urban exploration of everything concerning transportation.

  • Gallery - Nature

    Gallery: Nature

    All my nature photographs.

Latest news

Urbex - Filature Les Bobines

Urbex – Filature Les Bobines

An abandoned spinning mill somewhere in Belgium. Belgium was famous for its textile industry in the past. That was before all this industry relocate in Asia. I don’t know anything about this place, when was it built and why it’s been abandoned ? A friend of mine told me about this location, so I went there to see what was left of it.

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Urbex - Brewery C

Urbex – Brewery C

Abandoned brewery somewhere in Belgium. By chance, this little brewery has been totally preserved from vandalism. Looking at the exterior of this building, no one could imagine all the things that are still left untouched. All the machines are there, with a lot of other little things, like bottles. It was a very pleasant exploration to do !

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Urbex - Hopital Psy

Urbex – Hôpital Psy

Abandoned psychiatric hospital somewhere in Belgium. This hospital is not totally abandoned, there is still a part of it that is active. Unfortunately, some of the abandoned buildings were recently destroyed by a fire.

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