Urbex – Villa des lions

Abandoned villa somewhere in Belgium. I had already spotted this villa some time ago, but when I got there to explore it, it didn’t seemed to be the right time. I knew this villa under another name. When a friend of mine proposed me to get to a place called “Villa des lions“, I didn’t know it was the same place. And that day we did enter the house, though it took us a little while before getting the opportunity to get in thanks to the neighbourhood.

Someone told me a famous belgian architect lived in this villa for some years, but the house doesn’t seem to wear any trace of his passage neither can I guarantee the truth behind this claim. Anyway, though time has taken its toll on this house and it is quite empty, it’s still a nice place to explore. There are only a few things left here and there, but the architecture of the house speaks for itself. You can easily guess how magnificent it must have been in its time. a typical 19th century architectural beauty !