Urbex – Alla Italia

Abandoned thermal institute somewhere in Belgium. I wouldn’t have called this place Alla Italia, but the urbex community loves to give strange nicknames to the abandoned places, so the guy who found that place called it Alla Italia. Probably due to the beautiful painted ceillings and the columns that somehow reminded him of the italian architecture.

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Urbex – Grand Hôtel Regnier

Abandoned hotel somewhere in Belgium. This luxury hotel has been built around 1904 and must have been really majestic in its time. I don’t know for how long it’s been left abandoned but probably for a long time looking at how decayed it is. One can easily imagine the magnificent receptions this hotel must have seen.

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Urbex – Auberge des Sphinx

Abandoned restaurant somewhere in Belgium. I haven’t any informations concerning this restaurant. I found it while looking for another place. It seems to have been abandoned quite recently about one year ago I’d say. Luckily, it is still in a quite good condition, there are no traces of vandalism, except for the copper thieves that have left their marks…

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Urbex – Lost skate

Abandoned ice skating rink somewhere in Belgium. This place is located in an ancient exhibition hall that has been inaugurated in 1939. The architecture is typical of that era and it seems to be on its way to get a protected status. From what I know, it has been closed in 2011 because of security problems due to the lack of maintenance. The local ice hockey team was training there as one can guess by looking at the the floor of the rink.

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Urbex - piscine Art Deco

Urbex – Piscine Art Deco

Abandoned swimming pool somewhere in Belgium. This small swimming pool is a beautiful place built in an Art Deco style. I don’t know much about it, but it seems to have been part of a school complex which is being demolished at the moment. Fortunately, it seems that the swimming pool won’t be demolished.

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urbex - Villa Cannaert

Urbex – Villa Cannaert

Abandoned hotel/restaurant somewhere in Belgium. I visited this place early in the morning of a beautiful winter day. It was a luxury place, a four star hotel/restaurant if I believe the placard in front of the street. It has seen many well-known people, including the king of Belgium himself.

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