Urbex – Alla Italia

Abandoned thermal institute somewhere in Belgium. I wouldn’t have called this place Alla Italia, but the urbex community loves to give strange nicknames to the abandoned places, so the guy who found that place called it Alla Italia. Probably due to the beautiful painted ceillings and the columns that somehow reminded him of the italian architecture.

Anyhow, this place is impressive even though it’s quite empty. It used to be a popular thermal place, but it’s now left abandoned since a new thermal institute, more modern, has been built somewhere else in the city. It has been built in 1868, but I don’t know for how long its been left abandoned. I heard there were some renovations projects for it and it will probably become a luxury hostel. So it seems that this amazing, and sometimes pretentious, architecture will be saved. The entrance hall is of particular interest with its painted ceiling. The rest of the building consists of a lot of little rooms where there were the baths that are now gone. All in all, A very interesting exploration.