Urbex – Charbonnage de Forte-Taille

Abandoned coal mine somewhere in Belgium. The place was first used as a quarry during the 19th century before being exploited as a coal mine in 1910. This was on of the deepest european mine at the time. In 1935, the coal mine closed its doors and has been left abandoned since then.

As one can easily guess, the place is is in a really bad condition. There are only a few buildings left, and obviously, paintballers use them as their playground. The buildings were probably beautiful in their time, but now they’re in a very advanced decay condition. All the machines are gone and there are a lot of holes in the roofs. One of the most interesting thing to see there is an old piano left in the offices building. This was a well known place in the urban exploration community, but now, it isn’t really worth the visit…

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