Urbex – Vulcan’s Fire

Abandoned steel factory somewhere in Belgium. For this exploration, I had the chance to get the authorisation to visit and take pictures of this wonderful place before they demolish the place. I’m really thankful for this as urbexers have seldom this chance. And this was a fantastic exploration !

Usually, when you speak about steel factory, most people imagine gigantic places with lots of pipes running everywhere. This is not the case with this one. It’s main function was a forge, and the place is not that big, though it was still impressive as there were still a lot of machines thanks to the fact that it closed its doors quite recently. This forge knew financial difficulties for some years already, and it felt finally bankrupt at the beginning of 2014. The old guard of the place was more than happy to explain me a lot of things about the place. He told me how dangerous it was to work there, that the forge had been purchased by Indians that took the biggest machines apart and brought them to India, a common story for most of west european steel industries. He was just keeping watch of the remaining machines before everything was either sold or demolished. Now the place is just abandoned and decaying, waiting for its final judgement…

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