Urbex – Manoir du Chasseur

Abandoned manor somewhere in Belgium. This beautiful manor is lost in a great park. I don’t know the reasons why it’s been abandoned, but it didn’t seem like it was so long ago. It is in an excellent condition, and though it is empty, it’s still a majestic place, with a very impressive staircase and also a little hidden surprise !

I explored this manor early in the morning with a friend of mine. We were really amazed by the architecture of the place, especially the staircase. On the floor of the main hall there’s a star made with marble and there’s a hole in the ceiling of this hall above which there’s a skylight which represent the same star. I couldn’t help but wonder if there was an esoteric meaning for all of this. After some wandering in the rooms of the manor, we discovered a well hidden little chapel. This was an incredible surprise as it was absolutely magnificient, but it was also quite dark. By luck, the electricity was still on, and we were able to take some pictures of it with the lights on. A fantastic exploration of a wonderful place !