Urbex – Villa Cannaert

Abandoned hotel/restaurant somewhere in Belgium. I visited this place early in the morning of a beautiful winter day. It was a luxury place, a four star hotel/restaurant if I believe the placard in front of the street. It has seen many well-known people, including the king of Belgium himself.

I did not know much of this place, but by looking on google maps, it looked huge. Unfortunately, only a part of the building was accessible, the most important part of it was well locked. I’ve searched a bit about this place on the internet to find the reasons why it’s been left abandoned. The ancient owners of the place sold it because they were getting old and retired. It was sold to a couple, which has fled the country because they’ve been condemned for tax evasion. The place has then been seized by the authorities and is now on auction sale. While this beautiful place is waiting for a new owner, it makes the joy of urban explorers.