Urbex: Ecole vétérinaire

Abandoned veterinary school somewhere in Belgium. This school is also known as “Horror labs” by the urbex community. The community gave it this name due to the formol jars containing animal parts in the basement. I explored this one with some fellow english urbexer that I met for the first time there. It wasn’t an easy one to enter, but it’s been even more difficult to get out of it ! Hopefully, I’m here to show my pictures…

The school is composed of several buildings. The architecture of these buildings is really magnificent. During the 60’s, the school was merged with another one in Liège. In 1991, the buildings were abandoned when the school moved to Liège. The buildings were put under a protected status. Now, the biggest part of the site has been rehabilitated and lofts as well as offices have been developped in it, which is quite a good news! There’s only one building left unoccupied, this is the one known as “Horror labs“. Hopefully, the difficulty to access the place protected it from  the vandals .

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