Urbex: Piscine Le crachoir

Abandoned swimming Pool somewhere in Belgium. This swimming pool has been nuilt during the first world war in the Art Nouveau style. It is really an amazing place, absolutely beautiful. In the 50’s, due to a lack of maintenance, the impressive metallic structure of the ceiling had to be demolished. With this demolition, the building lost of its magnificence. The place has been closed in 2001 due to safety standards being outdated. The town built a new pool elsewhere letting this one fall into oblivion.

It’s still actually a beautiful place. The pool is built with old faience which are still there. There’s also an impressive statue at the end of the pool. One of the most beautiful part of this building is a long green hall with what I suppose must have been the changing rooms. The doors are incredible and the hallway is lit by skylight in the ceiling. Suprisingly this place is quite well preserved, maybe because it’s still partially used, or maybe is it its beauty that inspired respect…

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