Urbex – Prison 15H

Abandoned prison somewhere in France. An exploration in one of the dark side of our society. I never visited had the chance to visit a prison before, and this was a really impressive one ! When I came back home, I was totally exhausted, both mentally and physically. I have to admit that I spent seven hours in the belly of this beast…

I don’t know exactly when this prison has been abandoned, but from the papers that I found in it, it was still in use in 2010. This huge building has already been heavily vandalized: there are graffitis everywhere, broken windows, some cells have been burnt and of course, the usual copper thieves have done their job. Anyway, one can still get a good idea of what a prison looks like, and one can even imagine what it must be like spending some time in jail thanks to the many folders that can be found on the ground which explains the rules of the prison to the new arrivals.

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