Urbex – Auberge des Sphinx

Abandoned restaurant somewhere in Belgium. I haven’t any informations concerning this restaurant. I found it while looking for another place. It seems to have been abandoned quite recently about one year ago I’d say. Luckily, it is still in a quite good condition, there are no traces of vandalism, except for the copper thieves that have left their marks…

There are still some furnitures left inside, which makes it more interesting. It must have been a really nice place to eat when it was still running. It is located in a very big and old house, maybe an old manor or a little castle, I don’t know. It has a big wooden staircase which is beautiful. There’s no clue if it’s for sale or not, and it doesn’t seem to be in renovation actually. I just hop it won’t be demolished, because it still is a beautiful place

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