Urbex – Cimenterie Delwart

Abandoned cement factory somewhere in Belgium. This old factory has been founded in 1926 and, from what I know, it’s been abandoned since 1962. I just know that at one time, it employed about 170 workers. The site is has several buildings built with old rocks and a big tower in bricks.

There’s not much left to see here as the site is abandoned for a very long time. Most of the machines are already gone. In one of the buildings, I found a boat and an old truck. I really don’t know what the boat was doing there. Maybe it was part of the deco of the place, because when I went there, I met several students in architecture that were working on the site to make it ready to host a music festival. They were securing the site, so that no one would get hurt. This is a well known place in urban exploration, but I was quite disappointed by the lack of things to see there, I was hoping to find a bit more things, but these are the hazards of urban exploration. Better luck next time, I guess…

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