Gallery update: Villa Cannaert

I’ve updated the gallery of the Villa Cannaert with some new pictures as I paid a new visit to this abandoned hotel/restaurant. The reason I went back there is that I’ve been told the hotel part was now accessible. As I hadn’t seen this part of it, I decided to go back and take some pictures of it.

I was a bit disappointed by the hotel: there was not much left in it, so it was pretty empty. It clearly showed how luxury it must have been in its glorious time, but there weren’t enough interesting things to see to make it appealing, neither was there yet enough decay to bring some decadent beauty to it. I’d really like to see this place back when time will have claimed its toll on it. The wooden staircase was indeed beautiful, and the materials used in its construction where great. I may get back there in a few years maybe if it’s still abandoned and standing there.

You can see the updated gallery here: Villa Cannaert.