Urbex – Dr Gentil

Abandoned house somewhere in Belgium. This was the house of a doctor and also his office. There was still a lot of things left in the house: furnitures, clothes, books. The office of the doctor contained a lot of medical stuff, and there was also a room used as a pharmacy, were a lot of medications were taking the dust…

The house didn’t looked like it’s been abandoned for so long and, hopefully, the vandals and thieves didn’t seem to be aware of this place. It was a great exploration as it’s not often that you get the opportunity to see a so well preserved location. It was filled with little stuff everywhere, silent witnesses of the past life of this house. The chairs seemed to wait for the doctor’s return. I don’t know what happened to him and his wife. Are they simply gone or are they dead ? Nothing in the house could give a clue to the reason it’s been left abandoned.

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