Urbex – Université VB

Abandoned university in Belgium. This famous university has been built in modernist style during the years 1930 and 1965. It’s been completely abandoned since 2006, the reason of it is that the university moved its quarters to another place. Some parts of the site have already been renovated, but the full renovation should start in 2015.

This is a very well known place in the urban exploration community, and one I didn’t had the opportunity yet to explore. I heard many stories about it, most of them said the place was heavily secured and one had to be really careful not to get caught. I knew the place was wonderful and I really wanted to see it by myself. We arrived there early in the morning with a friend of mine and found a way to the chemistry building. There were many labs inside, and even though many of them were heavily damaged, they still were beautiful. Unfortunately for us, we had to shorten our exploration as the security showed up, and we had to play some hide-and-seek to finally get out safe from the place. It left me with a bitter taste as I know that there’s still a lot of things to see there, I may get back there one of these days, but maybe not…

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