Urbex – Château de Saroléa

Abandoned castle somewhere in Belgium. This castle has been built in 1643 and was occupied by the Saroléa family, an old noble family. They began a coal mining activity during the 19th century. They were the founders of the nearby charbonnage du Hasard. In 1905, The castle was included as a property of the coal mine, and hosted different functions: director’s office, medical function,…

Seen from the exterior, this castle is very beautiful and majestic and promised some great surprises for the inside. Unfortunately, the inside of this castle is in terrible condition. Some floors and ceilings have collapsed, time has seriously taken its toll on this majestic building. Nevertheless, there are still some clues left to how magnificent the building must have been in its most glorious times. Some parts of the wonderfully crafted ceilings are still there. With a little effort, one can easily imagine the beauty this castle was decades or even centuries ago.

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