Urbex – Café Mousel

Abandoned bistro somewhere in Luxembourg. I know nothing about this beautiful little bistro. I don’t know when or why it’s been left abandoned, but I knew that there was something very interesting in it: a small bowling alley !

It was very cold the day I’ve explored this place, snow was covering the streets. Not the best condition to explore discreetly a place where you’re not supposed to be… The access was easy, but the place seemed to have been abandoned for quite some time now by the look of its roof and the holes through which snow had fallen inside the bistro. An old piano was still standing against the wall in what was probably a kind of ballroom. In the next room, there was the bar. Unfortunately, the shutters were closed and I didn’t tried to open them since there were neighbours just on the other side of the road. Too bad, because it was so dark that I couldn’t manage to take a decent picture of it. The place was quite empty, though there were still beds in the bedrooms, but fortunately, the little bowling alley was still intact, waiting, just like the piano, for someone to play with it. I haven’t played but I’ve enjoyed it ! There was also some stuff in the attic like old newspapers, chairs and old pictures of people probably dead now. A nice exploration in a not too decayed place