Urbex – Paperfabriek II

abandoned powerplant in Germany. I really enjoyed this exploration ! This little powerplant has been very well preserved from vandals and thieves, probably thanks to its remote location. A little jewel that’s slowly decaying and fading out of memory

Located in the countryside of Germany, one wouldn’t expect to find such a place there. This powerplant has several different dated parts, the most ancient one dating back from the 30’s. I don’t know for how long it’s been left abandoned, but looking at the decay and rust, it must have been for quite some years now. I think this powerplant was used to power a paper factory, hence its name. I could have spent days in this place. There are thousands of little details here and there, and the older part of it is absolutely wonderful with its ceramic tiles and its wrought iron. There are only little graffitis on some walls, but they’re so discreet that you hardly see them. I guess the beauty of the place has inspired some respect, or as I said, maybe it’s its remote location that helped it being preserved… Anyway, I haven’t been deceived to have ridden such a long time to see this place. A wonderful playground for urban exploration, let’s hope it will still stand a long time there !