Urbex – Maison Rouf Rouf

Abandoned house somewhere in Belgium. Maison Rouf rouf, what a name ! I don’t know why it’s been nicknamed like that, but I guess that’s because of all the things left in this house that makes you feel like the owner of the place just left in hurry. Even the christmas tree is still standing in the living room of this decaying house.

It probably was a nice little house in the belgian countryside in its glorious time, but now its future seems quite dark. There are still a lot of things inside the house: furnitures, clothes,… I don’t know for what reason the owner left this place with all of these things, but I suppose it’s not a happy reason. The house seems to be abandoned for a few years already, and though no one seems to have vandalised it, you can clearly see the traces of visitors. I think I was a little late to explore this house, it probably was a nice place some years ago, but now, it’s a real mess inside, making it difficult to get interesting shots. I left a bit deceived by this exploration, better luck next time I guess !