Urbex – Moulin W

Abandoned mill somewhere in Belgium. I don’t know for how long this one’s been left abandoned, but looking at its condition, it seems like it’s already been a lot of years. There wasn’t much to see there, but there was a nice little surprise in it: an old car covered with dust

I’ve explored a few mills right now, and this one wasn’t the most interesting one I’ve seen, but there were still nice little details here and there. This mill was already in a quite advanced state of decay, but nonetheless, I’ve appreciated the fact that it hadn’t already been vandalised. Useless to say that I’ve been very glad to find the old car in this mill. It looked very dusty but in a good condition and I guess a good mechanic could make its motor roars again ! It was a minor 1000, a brand which I had never heard of before. I guess it must date from the 50’s or early 60’s by its look.