Urbex – Terres Rouges

Abandoned steel factory somewhere in Luxembourg. This is a well known place in urban exploration. This factory has been built in 1870 and was acquired by the société métallurgique des Terres Rouges in 1919. In 1997, the last furnace was shut down and the site was abandoned. A typical story for the european steel industry.

There’s not much left on the site actually. A lot of the buildings of the factory have already been demolished. There are just a few buildings, the most interesting ones being the hall with hoppers which received the iron ores and the old powerplant. I don’t know why these buildings have not been demolished and what will happen to them. The hall with the hoppers is particularly beautiful, with a water way under the hoppers giving some nice perspectives. The powerplant has been heavily vandalized: as usual, copper thieves have done their work there, and there are a lot of graffitis all around. I’ve been lucky the day I explored this place: the sun was shining and brought back some majesty to these old industrial installations.