Urbex – Maison Dholan

Abandoned house somewhere in Belgium. I know absolutely nothing of this house. I found this house with a friend of mine while riding to another urbex location. We passed in front of it and decided to stop and go look at it. Though the house in itself is quite empty, a nice little surprise was waiting for us !

Nothing inside the house could tell us anything about the story of it. Why has it been abandoned and for how long, are some of the questions that will stay unanswered. The last owners of this house had probably a child called Dholan, as we discovered by a little paper flower pinned on the wall of a room in which the name Dholan was written. I guess this was the bedroom of Dholan. As I said, the house is pretty empty, except for some trash in the attic, so it was a quick exploration. Beside the house, there was a warehouse, and inside of it we found an old giant lying on the ground. At least, we were rewarded for our curiosity !