Urbex – Maison des échos

Abandoned house somewhere in Belgium. It’s not always easy to find abandoned places and it require some part of luck, but sometimes you get lucky as it was the case for me when I found this old forgotten house.

In fact this is more of a little farm than a simple residential house as there were barns in the backyard. This was a nice exploration as the place seems to have been left almost untouched since its owner left the place. There were absolutely no traces of vandalism, and everything was still there: the furnitures, the clothes in the wardrobes, the plates on the tables,… In such cases, it’s really hard to know the story behind the abandon of the place, but I think it was probably the house of an old person, as there was a bedroom installed on the ground floor and there were a lot of drugs on the table. I guess at a certain time the person living there died and that explains the abandon of the house. Had this person heirs ? I don’t know, but it seems the house had already been inspected by someone  as a lot of rooms were filled with disorder, maybe it was a thief or a neighbour. But all this story is only pure speculation, nothing’s sure as I mentioned this is the story that ran through my head while exploring this little decaying farm.