Urbex – Heavy Metal

Abandoned steel factory somewhere in Belgium. As always with the heavy industry, this site is very huge and impressive. One can really feel small wandering among the gigantic rusting machinery.

This hot strip mill has been stopped in 2012 and is now left abandoned. Like many other steel industry sites in Belgium, it has been closed under the pretext of profitability. It’s a part of Belgium’ industrial history that’s over now. I’m always impressed with the heavy industry. It’s hard to imagine how big and enormous this kind of industry can be until you’ve seen it with your own eyes. In fact, the site’s so big that I’ve only been able to explore a part of it. I guess you could spend many days exploring all the corners of this factory. The place itself is very quiet, but also stressfull as the wind makes some stuff moving, and the echo of those makes you always feel llike you’re not alone. I really enjoy these kind of industrial places, I’m still not used to see such things and am always impressed with it. A place I will revisit soon I hope, to explore the rest of this decaying factory !