Urbex – Fort de la Chartreuse: Gallery update

I’ve updated the gallery of the Fort de la Chartreuse, as I went back to this old abandoned fort to show it to a friend of mine. It had already been a few years since my first visit there, and there were not much changes there, it’s just slowly decaying more and more…

I really enjoy this well known urbex location, I don’t really know why. A friend of mine wanted to get there as he never got the opportunity to explore this fort, so it was an occasion for me to paid it a second visit. This time, I noticed there was an old military cemetery in a remote location of the fort, which I hadn’t noticed on my first visit. I didn’t took any pictures of the cemetery as it wasn’t really interesting, but it seems that it is still maintained as the grass was cut.

You can see the new pictures I took on this visit in the gallery here under. If you want to see the full set of this fort, including pictures of my first visit, you check it on the page of the Fort de la Chartreuse.