Urbex – Factory MCMXI

Abandoned factory in Luxembourg. For once, I know a bit of the history of this little factory, and I can tell you it has seen a lot of different assignments before being left abandoned ! The thing I don’t know about it is what will happen to this beautiful little building…

This factory has been built in 1911, and was first used as a tilery. In the 40’s, it changed of owner and became a plastic button factory. Some years later, after the factory went bankrupt, the factory changed again of owner and was then used as a coffee roasting factory. This was its last assignment before it closed definetively its doors in the 90’s.

I had some great expectations about this place, and I have to admit that I’ve been a bit deceived by what I found there. Seen from the street, the facade of the building is beautiful and one can expect the interior to be a great place. After entering the factory, I unfortunately found that the ground floor was totally empty. The first floor was the same, just an empty plateau. I went to the second floor, thinking that it was probably useless, and it also seemed empty except for a beautiful coffee roasting machine that was silently decaying, hidden in a corner of the room. At least this beautiful mechanic hadn’t made my exploration useless !