Urbex – Charbonnage du Renard

Abandoned coal mine somewhere in Belgium. Well, it was a really small coal mine, and there’s only a building left. It seems that someone is using this place to store old decayed cars and trucks

I don’t know much about this coal mine, except that it closed its doors once and for all in 1969. The story is common to all coal mines in Belgium: after the second world war, the belgian coal mines have been closing their doors one after one because of the competition with the petrol which was becoming a cheaper energy source. There wasn’t much to see there, except for all the old rusty vehicles. I don’t know why they’re there: is someone storing them for the love of old mechanics and with the project to restore them or is the place just used as a trash storage ? However, a thing worth of notice was the old lampisterie, the place where all the lamps of the workers were stored. Every underground worker had a lamp with a number assigned to him, and if a number did not had its lamp, the “surface people” knew that someone was missing underground. Anyway, here’s the set of this little exploration !