Urbex – Agnus Dei

Abandoned chapel and nursing home somewhere in Belgium. This is a very well known place by the urbex community. It is composed of building that’s the nursing home, and a wonderful chapel. Unfortunately, a fire destroyed the nursing home, which makes it almost uninteresting. However, the chapel is really well preserved and is really worth to see !

From the few informations I’ve found about this place, it must have been abandoned in 2005 for reasons I don’t know. Apparently renovating works were on their way, but seemed to have been stopped due to excessive costs. It is said that the fire is from a criminal origin, and has been set to get paid by the insurance. Is this true or only urban legend, I really don’t know… As I said, the nursing home in itself presents almost no interest, but the chapel is in an incredibly good condition, only time had its toll on it. There are absolutely no traces of vandalism on it, no graffitis or broken windows. A great exploration very rewarding !