Upcoming exhibitions: W:Halll and Wolubilis

I’m proud to announce my two upcoming exhibitions. The first one will be held at the W:Halll in Brussels, and the other one at the Wolubilis, also in Brussels.

The exhibition at the W:Halll is a common exhibition, I’ll be presenting my photographic work with two other artists: John Pirson (sculptor) and Philippe Somers (sculptor).
It will be freely accessible from the 11th to the 13th of november, from 12h to 18h. The opening of this exhibition will take place on the 10th of november at 18h30, and everyone is welcome, of course. You’ll find the invitation to the opening hereunder.

The adress of the W:Halll is: Salle Forum, Avenue Charles Thielemans, 93 – 1150 Brussels




Now, about the second exhibition at the Wolubilis, called “Petits Formats à Petits Prix 2016“, it is also a common exhibition with many different artists who will present only small works. Here are the different dates and hours when you’ll be able to see this exhibition:

25th, 26th and 27th of november from 15h to 18h.
2nd and 3rd of december from 15h to 22h.
4th of december from 15h to 18h

The adress of Wolubilis is: 1 Cours Paul-Henri Spaak – 1200 Brussels

I hope to see many of you there !