Upcoming exhibitions

I’m going to have some exhibitions in the coming months, here are the ones that will take place in april and may. There’s an artists walk and a collective exhibition of a project made with two other artists.

The first exhibition of which I’ll be part of, is an artists walk located in the town of Walhain. This event is called “Au fil de l’art“, and will take place on the saturday 23rd and sunday 24th of april. The exhibition will be available from 13h (1 pm) to 18h30 (6.30 pm) on the saturday and from 11h (11 am) to 18h30 (6.30 pm) on the sunday. Here’s the adress where my works are shown: 71, rue bourgmestre Gilisquet at Walhain St Paul. Many other artists will also be showing their works on this occasion, so be sure to check them all !

Now about the second exhibition, it is a collective exhibition made with two other fellow artists: Alexandre Hannesse and Laurent Marchand. The idea behind this project was to put our works in common and to see what would happen from it. It resulted in the creation of dyptichs of Alexandre’s works and mine, on which Laurent, who is a sound designer, created a soundtrack for each of these dyptichs. Both the sound and the pictures begin to tell new stories that the viewer is free to interpret on his own. This exhibition will take place at the Espace Artefac in Brussels from the 9th to the 27th of may. The opening will be held on the 10th of may from 18h (6 pm) to 21h (9 pm). This entrance is free, and you’ll find more information about it on the website of the Espace Artefac.
The adress is: Espace Arte­Fac,14 rue Martin V­ -1200 Bruxelles (UCL) Métro Alma