Upcoming exhibition at the Halles St-Géry

I'm proud to announce that I will be part of a big collective exhibition in the Halles St-Géry in Brussels during the months of july and august !

I've been invited to show my work with many other talented artists in the renowned Halles St-Géry in Brussels. The exhibition will run from the 30th of june to the 28th of august. Here are the artists that will present their works on this special occasion : YOUNES BABA-ALI - FABIENNE CRESSEN - CHRIS DE CUYPER - IAN DYKMANS & MYRIAM CLERICUZIO - STEPHAN GOLDRAJCH - GRANDSINGE - ELOISE LEGA BREYSSENS - FRANK LIEFOOGHE - MELANIE PEDUZZI & ADELE JACOT - MEHMED - JEAN PHILIPPY - JEROME TELLIER - YANNICK VANDERMOLEN - HENRI ZERDOUN.

The opening of the exhibition will be held on the 30th of june at 18h30 (6.30 pm) and it will be the occasion to see the performances of other artists like: Vincent Glowinski (aka Bonom) - Ben Fury & Louise Jakson - Matthieu Ah - Cayo Scheyven - Eve Bonneau - Christian Bakalov

exhibition Halles St-Géry Brussels exhibition Halles St-Géry Brussels  
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