Exhibition in Libramont

I’m very happy to announce my next upcoming exhibition in july, which will be a double exhibition and that will be held both in cultural center and in an abandoned train station.

I’ve been invited by the centre culturel de Libramont to show my pictures during the month of july both in the cultural center ans in the abandoned train station of Poix-St-Hubert. It means that I’ll be presenting a lot of pictures, including many new ones. The abandoned train station also offers a great opportunity to show my pictures in a situation that echoes their subject.

This double exhibition will be held from the 2nd of july until the 24th of july. You will find more information and a nice promotional video they made for the occasion on their website, at this adress: centre culturel de Libramont.

Here’s the visual with some informations:

Expo LibramontAnother event to which I’ll take part, but in june this time, is the Parcours d’artistes du chant d’oiseau, an artist walk in Brussels. It will be on the 25th and 26th of june. The adress where you’ll can see my work, as well as the one of a sculpter and a painter, is: 10 avenue des tourterelles.

You’ll find more informations about this event on their official website: http://www.parcoursdartisteschantdoiseau.be