Urbex – Raven’s Church

Abandoned church somewhere in Belgium. This church is incredibly well preserved, and that’s seldom the case about this kind of place. Pigeons have not yet invaded the church, and there are still a lot of things there. Decay is very subtle here and the place seems to only need a bit of cleaning to welcome back the believers.

I was very excited when I heard that this church was abandoned, mostly because I share a personal story with it. My grandmother, who was a firm believer, had been locked, or thought she’d been locked, inside this church years ago. In fact that happened years before I was born. This strange story made always everybody smile in the family. Well, I have to admit that my grandmother was quite a strange person too. Anyway, I had never seen that church and now I had the opportunity to see this famous raven’s church ! This was a very nice exploration since the place is almost intact. Everything’s there, including the furnitures and decorations. I really thought that if all things were put back in place, the church could open its doors again, though I doubt that’s what will happen. I don’t know for how long it’s been left abandoned, but it doesn’t seem to be for such a long time, and I’m still wondering what will happen to this church