Urbex – Metro Station C

Abandoned metro station somewhere in Belgium. Belgium is known as the country of surrealism and that’s not for nothing. The city where this metro station is located had great projects: they built a metro to improve the mobility, unfortunately, some parts of it have been left abandoned after being built…

This metro station is part of a metro line that is completely built and that could have be used, but for an unknown reason, but a political or financial one I guess, this line has never been used. That seems incredible, but this metro station is complete and was ready to serve, as well as others on the same line, but they never saw any metro pass by. This one is an aerial station, and it’s now the playground of street artists and of kids. I met a little group of kids aged about five to twelve playing on the rails of this station. The station has already suffered a lot, all windows have been broken, and its decay does not seem to be finished at all. I’m wondering how much money was thrown in this projet. Anyway, I’ll have to check the other stations along this abandoned metro line.

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