Urbex – Maison des anciens

Abandoned house somewhere in Belgium. I found this house by pure luck, while driving to another location. My daughters were on the rear seats when the older one told me “Look, an abandoned house !”. I stopped, and quickly looked through the windows of the house to see if it was worth it. A few days later, I was back there…

The access to this house was quite acrobatic as I had to pass through a small oval window in the entrance door. The place was well preserved, at least it had not been vandalized, and there were still things left here and there: pieces of furnitures and photos. I can’t tell for how long this house has been abandoned, but loooking at the pictures on the wall, it was surely the house of old people. It really seemed to be a house coming out of time, as the portraits on the wall were very old. One thing I noticed about these portraits, is that the people on it all looked very nice. It suddenly brought a lot of gentleness to my exploration.

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