Urbex – Station R

Abandoned train station somewhere in Belgium. I didn’t had the opportunity to explore the old station in itself, as it is now used by a local association, but a little bit further on the old tracks there are still some decaying locomotives and wagons

The railways are no longer in use and have been adapted as a walk on which you’ll meet many pedestrians and cyclists. The locomotives and wagons are not far from it, so many people are wandering around them. I don’t understand how it’s not been secured yet as the place is quite dangerous, the floor of most of the vehicles is crumbling or is about to fall apart, and people are walking in them with curiosity, this includes children too. Most of these old trains have been heavily vandalized, but one of the tagger seems to have a minimum of culture and knows about Damien Hirst as he has written the title of one of his most iconic work on the side of one of the locomotives. Anyway, there’s not much else to say about this place and it’s been an exploration of only  little interest though I always like to get in old locomotives, I don’t really know why…

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