Urbex – Doel

Famous ghost town in Belgium. Stuck between the big harbour of Antwerp and a seriously aging nuclear powerplant, the small town of Doel is slowly dying due to the project of future enlargment of the harbour infrastructures. There are only a few inhabitants left and the town is now the playground of street artists.

In the 1990’s, the authorities decided to enlarge the harbour, and the consequence of it was the destruction of some small towns. Doel was one of them, so the people were expropriated, but a few of them decided to stay and to fight the authorities decision in justice. In itself, Doel has not much of interest. But its history made it a symbol of resistance, and is a kind of open air museum of street art. The thing that amazed me the most was the quantity of people in the streets, I would’nt have thought that Doel was a destination of choice for a sunny sunday afternoon walk…

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