Urbex – Sanatorium B

Abandoned sanatorium somewhere in Belgium. Built in 1903, this sanatorium lost in the woods has been abandoned since 2013. As a sanatorium, its primary function was to treat tuberculosis. Years later, it’s been converted in a rehabilitation center. During the 2000s, it was converted into a center for asylum seekers before being left abandoned. It’s still in a very good condition and there are rumours that it’s going to be sold.

Outwardly, this building is really beautiful and majestic. It has been built with old stones and bricks. The interior of it is quite modern and doesn’t give real idea of what it must have looked like in its early years. It’s already been emptied, so it is mainly composed of empty rooms, but there are still little things to see here and there. I was a little bit disappointed by this exploration, I was hoping to find something more interesting and some traces of its past inside it. All in all, it was very repetitive: long corridors, empty rooms