Urbex – Maison Clerckx

Abandoned house somewhere in Belgium. This wonderful house has been built around 1769 and is located in the woods. There are many legends about the first owner of this house, Mr Clerckx. It seems that during the 18th century, a band of outlaws was terrorizing the people in the neighbourhood. Mr Clerckx decided to get rid of these guys, and killed them one by one. Most of them were hung, but some dark stories say that he locked some of them in the basement of the house and let them starve to death…

This was an incredible explore, and a very short one as the forest ranger (thanks for giving us access !) allowed us only half an hour in the house. This house really seems out of time, even out of reality. One can’t help to think about fairytales when inside this house. Have you vere wondered what the house of the little red riding hood looks like ? Well, this is exactly what this house makes you think of ! You could easily imagine the little red riding hood entering in this house to say hello to her grandma. There are still lots of furniture which gives great details to look at.  Fortunately for this little wonder, there are plans to renovate it. This was a wonderful exploration and a great journey through childhood memories… Thanks again to the forest ranger for the access !

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