Urbex – Eglise du Solitaire

Abandoned church somewhere in Belgium. This is a beautiful church located in a small village. It’s been left abandoned because there were too few people still getting to this church. The last church service was held in 1980. In 1990, this old church has acquired a protected status. There were plans to make a cultural space out of it, but it seems it will never be done…

I don’t know who and when the last person did enter this place, but it seems like an eternity. The only inhabitants here are, as usual, the pigeons. It’s a real shame to let this church decay because it is beautiful, with bas-reliefs depicting the stations of the cross. Fortunately for it, nobody, except the villagers of course, seems to know about this place, which explains that it is so well preserved from vandalism and from thieves. The stained glasses aren’t broken and some sculptures of Jesus, Mary and another Saint are standing guard in this holy place. The only things that are missings are the chairs making the church pretty empty. Even the old bells are still there, though I couldn’t take any pictures of them because of the fragility of the ground in the bells tower. A little pearl among my explorations !

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