Urbex – Château d’Ah

Abandoned castle somewhere in Belgium. What a wonderful exploration this was ! Not that there was still much things to see in this castle, but the architecture and the paintings on the walls were fantastic. Maybe the fact that the sun was shining that day was helping to give this castle a very serene atmosphere !

I knew nothing about that castle, but fortunately, when I went to explore it, I met a neighbour that was picking flowers in the garden of the castle. She was a very nice woman and she told me a bit about this castle: The owner of it was a printer, and he built the workshops next to the castle. He died a few years ago, and no one seems to know who’s the actual owner of the castle. She told me that there were plans to build residential buildings here, but she did not knew if the castle would be demolished or renovated. I sincerely hope this castle will be saved because it is wonderful. The architecture is great and in the main entrance hall, there are paintings on the walls which gives to it a very romantic feeling.  The staircase is incredible, and though the windows are broken, the vandals seemed to have more or less respected the place. There are just small graffitis here and there on the paintings on the walls, but they are very discrete and have been carefully integrated in the paintings,  which gives a strange effect when you notice them: UFO‘s above a castle or a giant Teddy bear above a house… I was there with a friend of mine, and we both agree on the fact that we felt very serene in this castle. Strangely, I left the place with some regrets… I only had this kind of feelings a few times while doing urban exploration, and I already miss this beautiful castle