Urbex – Dark Shadow Church

Abandoned church somewhere in Belgium. And another piece of religious architecture left to decay ! The only guardians of this holy place are the pigeons and the statues of the saints forgotten in their eternal contemplation…

Maybe faith can warm your heart, but I can assure you that abandoned churches can freeze your bones ! I have to admit that I explored this church early in the morning on a cold winter day. I had to change myself in a cat and crawl through a little hole in a wall to enter that church, and then wait, and wait again for the sun to rise and light the church. This is a very old gothic church that has been built during the 13th century. I don’t know for how long it’s been abandoned now, but it looks like it was long ago. Unfortuntely, the church is empty, except as I mentionned it for the statues and also the organ. The house of god is now the house of pigeons and I let you imagine what’s covering the ground of this church. A sad view for such an historic building

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