Urbex – Château Venetia

Abandoned castle somewhere in Belgium. Though empty, this little castle has pleased me all along my exploration. Long corridors, luxury architecture and beautiful painted ceilings are now left to decay

I know little about this castle: it seems that it’s been built at the end of the 18th century, that’s all I know. Why has it been left abandoned ? Maybe the maintenance costs were too high, or maybe is it another story of conflict around the inheritance of this castle… Anyway, the place is a protected building, which doesn’t mean it will be saved. All that it means is that the government put a little steel plate on it to say that it is protected, I guess that makes them feel good about this castle, but it doesn’t seem to protect the building from the attacks of time. It is already in bad condition, but it doesn’t detract from its beauty. I especially enjoyed a long turquoise corridor, a quite unusual color for a castle, at least a colour I’m not used to see in those kind of places… I wasn’t expecting much when I came there, but I left very happy to have seen this place, I really enjoyed exploring that place a lot !