Urbex – Le Dentiste

Abandoned house of a dentist somewhere in Belgium. Most people don’t like to see the dentist, and I have to admit that it’s also my case, but this time I went there quite happy and curious, the reason was that I was going to explore an old decaying dentist’s house.

The dentist‘s house is a beautiful big villa along the banks of a river. Inside the house were the dentist’s consulting rooms. In fact, there were two consulting rooms, which makes me wonder if there was two dentists working there or only one. The house itself is not really vandalised, though the dentist’s consulting rooms have been trashed, particularly one of them. I don’t know for how long it’s been abandoned now, but it’s amazing to still be able to smell the odor of the typical dental care drugs in the consulting rooms. It somehow reminded me a lot of bad memories about dental care consultations. The house must have probably been quite luxurious, and it seems that at a certain point, renovations had started. Proof of that are the new radiators that are still waiting to be unpacked, but are covered with dust and spider’s webs. Other than the consulting rooms, the house was empty, so I couldn’t find any clues about the owners and the reason why it’s been abandoned.