Urbex – Jungle School

Abandoned school somewhere in Belgium. He who opens a school door, closes a prison said Victor Hugo, and we can easily guess what this quote would be if inverted. The students have left but nature takes its course in the empty classrooms of this decaying school

I don’t know for how long this school has been left abandoned but it must have been a long time ago, judging by the way the vegetation has spread. It’s always impressive to see how the nature can be strong in those kind of places, like if it was trying to clean the place and to erase it once and for all from the memories. Fortunately, because the architecture of the place is not of significant interest, but the green of the leaves brought a very strange atmosphere to it. As for the reason for the closure of this school, I have absolutely no ideas. I guess in the best case, they opened a bigger school with modern equipment, and in the worst case, they just closed it for financial reasons: they probably had prisons to build… Anyway, it was a very nice exploration, wandering through the long halls and the empty classrooms of this abandoned school, I really enjoyed it !