Urbex – Ferme 2843

Abandoned farm somewhere in Belgium. Hidden behind a vegetal curtain, lie this old decaying farm in the belgian countryside, slowly being surrounded by new characterless houses. Sometimes I’m wondering if the belgian landscape will still exist in fifty years…

This was not a big farm, and the only really interesting building was the farmhouse. The light passing through the dense vegetation surrounding it gave the greenish tint on the pictures. From what I know, a family bought the farm a few years ago while it was already abandoned and began to restore it, but for an unknown reason, they stopped the repairs and the farm was abandoned for at least the second time in its history. It was mostly empty at the time of my exploration, but here and there, one can find some pieces of furnitures, like an oven, a table and some chairs,… Obviously, time is taking its toll on it, and decay has invaded every part of the old house

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