Urbex – Cristallerie VSL

Abandoned crystal glassware manufacturer somewhere in Belgium. This factory was one of the most famous industry of Belgium, and a very old one too. Its story begins in 1826 when the factory is founded on the site of an ancient cistercian abbey. Its reputation increases over decades until the 1970, where it begins to decline. There’s an old and a newer part. The older one has been stopped for a long time now, and the newer one has just ceased its activities recently.

This is a well known place by the urban exploration community. As the newer part is still well secured, I’ve only visited the old part of this beautiful glass factory. There are a lots of things left everywhere, old wooden boxes, glassworks both broken and/or unfinished, tools,… As usual, nature is slowly claiming the site back. Unfortunately, I only had the opportunity to explore one of the buildings, as my visit was interrupted by the security of the site. Fortunately, I didn’t got caught, in fact I think they didn’t even noticed my presence. I’ll certainly get back there soon, as it is a very nice place and it’s very frustrating to have to leave without seeing it all !